My truth. My life.

Whatever you do


Whatever you do: Dont forget to tell your parents how much you love them.  You might wake up one day to find that they aren’t there for you to hug anymore.

Whatever you do:  Let your spouse know how much you adore them.  This is the person you are going to spend your life with.

Whatever you do:  Enjoy your kids.  One day they will leave your embrace to use their wings.

It important to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.  Never take them for granted.

Whatever you do: Savor the love you’ve been given.



Ha! I find this terribly amusing. But, WHATEVER, write me 100 words dear word-nerdlings. I’m off to curl up in a chair with some hot chocolate.


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16 thoughts on “Whatever you do

  1. beautiful, wise, importnat sentiments

    100 words of greatness

  2. This is a very important lesson.

  3. Great reminder. Very beautiful.

  4. 100 words that will multiply joy of living 100 times 🙂

  5. Yes indeed! (Just hugged my sleeping litte ones)

  6. Beautiful message … full of lovely sentiments !!!

  7. Always a good thing – to remember those close and draw them closer.

  8. A wonderful reminder to appreciate our loved ones while we can.

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