My truth. My life.

Rising above

I’ve spent most of my life rebelling against people that have hurt me.

I’ve realized that fighting back brings me to their level.

By being the bigger person, I become the better person.



For the weekend challenge, we’re asking you to write exactly 33 words about
rebellion and/or revolt.  Interpret it as you will, just keep it to 33

Good luck!


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30 thoughts on “Rising above

  1. Well said, D-Bo! That’s the way to do it.

  2. That’s a great life philosophy we can all learn from.

  3. So true (but sometimes hard to do :))

  4. Very well put! (:

  5. Very true words that we often forget. Good job!

  6. Sometimes it is just so hard to be the bigger person.

  7. Wrath stirs up strife, but love covers a multitude of offensives. Good work here.

  8. This is so timely for me.

  9. I agree with you. It’s something that we try to teach our kids too…take the high rode. You are always better off and feel better about yourself. You only learn this though through experience and sometimes that sucks.

  10. Teach me, wise sage. I will fall victim to these jackholes forever!

  11. Absolutely….!
    Eventually, we can feel ‘compassion’ even…! 🙂

  12. Well said. Letting go is an action, and it could lead to victory.

  13. Rising above and forgiveness ~ the two go hand and hand and although at times difficult are oh so worth it!

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