My truth. My life.

The path

There’s a pureness deep inside,

That’s rarely ever shown.

A glowing smile is replaced by a dull aching grimace.

Sitting unnoticed under the dying willow tree,

realizing that she’s unworthy of happiness.

The urge to cry is suppressed by the desire to be emotionless.

Never knowing the experience of a love that’s immaculate,

She accepts the path her choices have set out for her.

Standing tall, yet invisible,  She walks into the darkness.


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12 thoughts on “The path

  1. one flesh the truth
    nothing enough
    light ends in Love though way be rough
    pigs get greedy at the trough
    I lost my way
    long went astray
    but light’s renewed at break of day
    and few yet see
    what needs must pay
    for minds’ denial turns away
    -the dark’s embraces traces stay
    till life
    has ended time’s decay…
    darkness created cannot last
    the Truth comes slowly
    -lies are fast…
    most don’t believe the die’s not cast
    yet luck’s a name
    writ in the past
    …what folk decide from what we saw
    is just a picture on a wall
    and in the middle
    open door
    yet few see what a door is for…

  2. Dynamic display of some very somber emotions, D, like a silent explosion. Fantastic, thank you for sharing.

  3. What next … will there be a sequel to this?

  4. Artwork and words led the reader on a good journey. Sometime the darkness is all we have. Thank you for sharing your poetry.

  5. Wow, D-Bo, this one really got to me. The image and the imagery are so beautiful and so painful. My heart hurts reading this. Well done. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. I nominated you for the Liebster Award becasue i think your blog is awesome 🙂

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