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You took my love

This was done for my hubby’s challenge “100 word song”.  I know this song was wrote about her father.  That was originally going to be the topic of my post.  I had a last minute change in my idea.  Enjoy…



You took my love and caused me to fall hard for you.

You took her love and enjoyed it in silence.

You tell me you want to make this right without truly admitting what you did.

Start from the beginning, spill every detail in the honesty I already know.

That is the only way to move on.

I will choose to forgive you and gain my dignity.

You will earn my trust again without secrets.

I will not leave with the truth.

I will be able to look at my reflection and believe in us again.

Allow us to grow.




As always, you have seven days from right now to write 100 words based on today’s song, Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac. You can use any form. Make sure you post it to the Mr. Linky below and then tweet, book of face, and harass your friends with your 100 word piece of art. Tell a friend or 50.

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13 thoughts on “You took my love

  1. I love the last two lines. This is full of emotional heft and style. Great work, babe.

  2. Believe in us again – that is quite a sentiment. Great writing.

  3. First time visitor! Nicely done and full of emotion.

  4. The ending is perfect …. loved this piece !!!

  5. I feel a lot of pain in this, but also a lot of resolve to move past it.

  6. I love the rawness of your writing. It feels like the scab has covered the wound, but you probably should have gotten stitches.

  7. debseeman on said:

    So much in so few words. Not only did you show that a relationship had ended, but why and expressed that it’s best to move on.

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