My truth. My life.

My work is done

I see you across the crowded cafe.

Watching you laugh still brightens my heart.

The friend you’re with is obviously hung on every word, positive that your words are the only words worth hearing.

I debate whether or not I should speak.

Would your discomfort be worth the satisfaction it would give me?

Would you make the remains of my day unbearable?

I muster up my nerve and make my way over to you.

Smiling I say “Hello dear, is this the boy you talk about every time we have a conversation together?”

As a mom, my work is done.




Another post for @velvetverbosity  #100words


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24 thoughts on “My work is done

  1. yep, this is what you would do. very well done.

  2. Ouch… wasn’t expecting that… Well done..

  3. Ha! A mother after my own heart.

  4. oh, so you’re THAT mom? Well,, you’d fit right in with my bunch. 🙂

  5. I love twists like these. Didn’t see it coming! Clever.

  6. Cruel…even for a mom! 🙂

  7. Parents – they are the same everywhere.
    Loved the end.

  8. That’s a nice mom 🙂

  9. Brilliant – I wasnt expecting but LOVED where this went!

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