My truth. My life.

The awefulness

Thanks to “According to Mags” and “ODNT”  for choosing my post as one of the winners for the last KETCHUP WITH WORDS winners.  I’ve never won anything before so this really made my week!

I am thankful for my children, but there is something they do I could live without.

A noise they make imitates the feeling of a cheese grater on my nerves.

I swear that it has made the hair on my neck stand at attention more than once.

I am truly, unconditional, forever will be unthankful for:   WHINING

Ketchup With Words:  Prompt 6

In 57 words or less, tell us about
something you’re NOT thankful for

Ketchup With Us

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11 thoughts on “The awefulness

  1. AMEN!!! It’s the worst!

  2. And, try as you might to tune it out, a freakin’ jackhammer couldn’t prevent you from hearing it! I know just what you mean. Great job, D-Bo. Congratulations again for last week.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. the whining is out of control today and it’s not even me. Even Buddy is a pain. I like how you laid/layed out your 57.

  4. I understand completely. Whining is one of the ugliest, most irritating sounds in the whole wide world. 🙂

  5. Oh my word! This is perfect. I know. It sends shivers up my spine. :/ thanks for linking up!

  6. I agree 100%!
    I love trying to positively phrase that my students need to speak in a voice other than a whine, if they hope to receive my attention. (More challenging than it sounds.)

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