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A day in the life of ….


I havent done a personal post in a while so I thought it was time to do so.  Sometimes at night when I reflect back on my day it amazes me.  It’s actually to awesome not to share with you.

Disclaimer:  These events are actual events that I have experienced today.

5:00am:  Alarm goes off.  (Today’s alarm was the generic tone “piano riff”)  I jump in the shower, brush my teeth, throw my hair up and run out the door.

5:45am:  Pull into the gas station to get a muffin and some caffeine to help me make it through the day.  This is when it starts to get good.

  •    The gentleman in line before me looks at the cashier and says.  “Your black, you must be happy about that idiot winning”  I gasped so loud that turned and looked at me and said.  “don’t tell me you like that kind too?”  Before I could reply he walked out the door.  I found myself apologizing to the cashier.

6:00am:  I arrive at work.

  • My first client of the day asked me who I voted for.  I explained nicely that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing personal information at work.  She said “your ashamed you voted for Nobama huh?”  I said “No ma’am, I’m not ashamed.  I just trying to be professional.”

7:30ish am:  A client calls.  Here is our conversation:

  • Her – “How much do you charge for vaccines”
  • Me – “We charge $xx.xx per pet”
  • Her – “I have a coupon that says its only $xx.xx”
  • Me – “Great!  You can use that coupon on one of your pets.”
  • Her – “No, I will use it on both pets.”
  • Me – ” The coupon states that you can use only one coupon per visit.”
  • Her -“Its expired”
  • Me – “I’m sorry, We can’t take an expired coupon.”

9:30ish am: Another conversation:

  • Me – “How can I help you?”
  • Her – “Yes,  I want to know why you just sent me to collections”
  • Me – “Because, you have a past due balance that has not been paid on in 6 months.”
  • Her – “But I don’t have that pet anymore”
  • Me – “You are still responsible for the bill”
  • Her – ” I’m not paying for a dog I don’t have anymore.”
  • Me – “You are still responsible for the bill”
  • Her – “I don’t understand you, I don’t speak english”

2:30ish pm: A guy walks into pick up his pet.  Here how this went:

  • Me – “Your total is $xx.xx”
  • Him – “That is $50 more than I was quoted”
  • Me – “Do you know who gave you that quote?”
  • Him – “I don’t know, they gave it to me last time I was in”
  • Me – “Sir, you havent been into see us since 2008.”
  • Him – ” I know that, Fine.. Take the money.. Take it all”

Well that was just a few of my ramblings about my day.  I hope yours was a lot better.




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14 thoughts on “A day in the life of ….

  1. Deana, this was the perfect end for my day. Thank you. My late cousin, who wasn’t the brightest bulb, used to say “People are stupid.” Sounds like they were all involved in your day.

    I had a moment in my day too. Will post it in a bit.

  2. I’m laughing with you, not at you… I think we’ve all had days like that…
    In days long past before computers were in every office, we used micro films magnified and showed on (what appeared to be) television screens.
    I was looking up some records when a gentleman came into the office. He started bellowing at the top of his voice about how unprofessional I was watching television whilst customers had to wait. (He’d just walked in – no wait involved.) It was so lovely to turn the screen around to face him without a word spoken. He went a vivid shade of red; did not apologise; and walked out (after paying his fee) without uttering another word…. Some days are like that…! 😉

  3. So you kept hitting escape but you were still there – hopefully it got better by the evening.

  4. oh! How infuriating. I wonder how you managed to keep your cool. I hope you are having a fine night. 🙂

  5. I can understand how irritating it could be !!!

  6. Absolutely amazing. People can be such Mo-Rons. Hope tomorrow is better.

  7. hahahahahaha! “I don’t speak English.” hahahahahaha!

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