My truth. My life.

This is why

I write to express myself.

When I have something important to say and I can’t find the courage to speak it, I write it.

Some would say it’s cowardly.  I say its strength.



Another weekend challenge for

For this weekend’s challenge, in honor of all of the writers throwing
rationality (and perhaps sanity) to the wind and writing til their fingers
bleed, we’re asking for exactly 33 words about why we write.


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35 thoughts on “This is why

  1. i love the last line. beautiful and true.

  2. An excellent sentiment.
    And sometimes smarter, to compose a thought and tweak to send out the message you want.

    Great entry!

  3. I’m always more clever and funny and smart in my written word. It’s not cowardly at all.

  4. Brilliant, insightful, strongly said.

  5. In the past year or so I have gotten all my strength from writing. I didn’t know what else to do to move forward. Thanks for sharing your words!

  6. Draug419 on said:

    I agree! It’s not cowardly at all–it’s strong and smart (:

  7. I agree. It is strength. Just as tears are strength. Writing gives you power.

  8. i find so much more strength in my words when i write them! this response hits ‘why i write’ right on the spot.

  9. Strength it is !!!

  10. Very well said, Deana! Strength, indeed!

  11. Very true 🙂

  12. Nice! I agree that writing is strength. Words dissipate as soon as we speak them…the written word lingers on.

  13. So true, so many times I write and share things out of my comfort zone. There is strength in that.

  14. I get this. Some of the bravest things I’ve done, were expressed in the written word.

  15. I think everyone feels more in control with the written word. The ability to manipulate the choice and position of words is the beauty and challenge of writing. But as someone who has gone from a weak to decent public speaker, I suggest that the spoken word has real value and importance. And a good writer has a much better chance of delivering a more interesting spoken word than a poor writer who is merely a fearless public speaker. Besides, you have to say something on the book tour, right? Sorry for long winded comment! 🙂

  16. Very, very true. But stronger (and braver) yet is sharing the words you set down. Nicely done.

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