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The little girl

I’ve driven this road every night on my way home.


The first night of winter brought an unexpected chill to the air.


I noticed a little girl crying on the sidewalk.


I offered her a ride, she accepted.


Her crying got louder.


I pulled over again, and turned to ask her what was wrong.


She was gone.




This was done for Ketchup with us.

Note:  This may or may not be an actual event that happened to someone I may or may not know.

Ketchup With Us

While planning for our link-up, Michele and I thought
it would be cool to hear a 57 word ghost story since we’d be posting the day after
Halloween. Of course, writing our own stories scared the bejeesus out of both of us, but it was
worth it. The only question is…are they fact or

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13 thoughts on “The little girl

  1. Wow. This is freaky. You set the scen very well in 57 words. Great imagery. And I love the picture you chose.

  2. as a parent, this is scary. i lost track of our own kids, recently and was frightened to tears. Good job in just 57.

  3. OH, wait – turns out she was just in the back seat. My bad!

    Seriously, a scary and wonderful story.

  4. Shut up! Miss D, that was SO creepy. Beween you and my stomach full of Halloween candy, I think I’m totally screwed for sleep tonight. Great job!

    Thanks for linking up.

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