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Just because

“You can tell me you’re actually attracted to that Long haired Hoodlum”

“MOM! You just don’t understand true love”

“Ohhh, I forgot. I’m only 20 years older than you so I could have never been in love before. Just stop and listen to yourself.”

“You’re so frustrating. It’s just one date. If you meet him, you will like him. Just give him a chance.”

“I will meet him on one condition. He needs a haircut, clean clothes, and a shower.”

“Ughhh. You are so not fair. You never let me do anything!”

“I don’t have to be fair.  I’m your mom!”

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This is done for #100wordsong


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14 thoughts on “Just because

  1. good writing to make subject matter (our teenager) fit the song. Loved it.

  2. Pretty sure I had a conversation just like that with my mother. Once.

    Pretty sure she was right.

  3. I remember saying something similar to my teenage daughter… LOL..
    She turned out ‘real good’…. 🙂

  4. Great tune, great piece!
    (I am the long haired unshaven guy, but always a gentleman to a lady and her parents.)

  5. Ack, I can foresee this conversation in my future 🙂

    Small critique: it’s “You’re” not “Your” in the first couple uses 🙂

  6. That last line was a mantra for me during those teenage daughter years.

  7. Oh yeah. I remember those days. And those boys. The one who was least comfortable meeting my mom turned out to be the psycho. And I married the one who liked ordering pizza and watching a movie with my family rather than partying. He did wind up cutting his hair, though. The Army has a thing about hair 😦

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