My truth. My life.

glue me back together

Do you know?  Do you Care?

About the pain building up inside of me.

I try to suppress it, to push it away.

I scream a silent scream for help.

Just loud enough for no one to hear.

When you look at me you see my fraudulent smile.

If you looked into my eyes, you would see despair.

Why do I go on?  It seems that I have a glimmer of hope left.

Just a glimmer.

Somebody help me.  Help me pull through.

Somebody pick up my pieces and glue me back together.

It’s obvious that I don’t know how.

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This was done for  #100wordsong


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17 thoughts on “glue me back together

  1. Love the line about gluing you back together. That’s a great interpretation of the song.

  2. Too often I feel this way. So very close to home. Well done.

  3. Love the poetic style as an interpretation of the song. Well done.

  4. Those silent screams are killers.

    This is really powerful writing.

  5. I loved the contrast between the deceptive smile and the anguished eyes. I’ve known people who could carry heartbreak like that. It’s so sad.

  6. This is very powerful. I’ve been here before. You captured the emotion (and lack thereof) exceptionally well.

  7. some deft hands and good glue
    s’all we need, right 🙂

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