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Shutter me freaky

Have you ever had an unexplained neck pain?

Have you ever broken someone’s heart right before they died?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, follow these directions.

Check your pictures and see if you are giving your scorned dead lover a piggy back ride.

If so, take some tylenol because it will never end.



Note: OMG!  This movie freaked me out!

This was done for Ketchup with me
Ketchup With Us


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13 thoughts on “Shutter me freaky

  1. Since seeing the first Halloween in theaters when I was in high school, there is not enough money to get me to watch another horror film. Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. The picture alone makes me want to hide! I will be sure to be cautious when looking through my pics from now on. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Uh, uh…. no way… won’t be seeing me there…!

  4. You didn’t stop talking about that movies for weeks after we saw it. Good job. You showed your fright.

  5. I can’t even LOOK at that picture. Seriously, I averted my eyes almost immediately. The terrifying visual, permanently tattooed in my subconscious, is usually the worst part for me. Great job!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. I love this movie … scary indeed 😀

  7. Well described! Now I am curious, though it looks a little high budget for me 😉

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