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never to late

The further I walked into the woods the more I could feel my stomach knot up.  We had decided to meet in private this time.  Not because we didn’t like to have people around, but because we never got quality time together.  Every time we made plans to meet, someone wanted to tag along. Usually, that was ok.  But tonight, he insisted that we were alone to experience more in our relationship.

I could hear the crunching sound of the leaves moving toward me.  A moment later, I arrived at the clearing to find him waiting.  He had a pink princess blanket spread out under the huge oak tree. This was the tree we were climbing in when we shared our first kiss.  We were 10 years old when that happened, and here we are many years later about to experience more under the same tree.

He had the kind of smile that made every part of me flutter.  This time, though, he didn’t have his sweet comforting smile that I was used to.  He had a different look, one of hunger.  I hurried over to the blanket, slipped off my sandles and slid down next to him.  Without saying a word, I felt his lips devour mine.  He was kissing me fast and hard.  Pulling back I found myself caught off guard.  I was actually gasping for air.  This feeling was unlike anything I had felt in a very long time.  It was exciting and scary.

Before I could say anything he stood up and started climbing the tree.  I found myself climbing up behind him.  We reached the limb that we were sitting on when he first expressed that he wanted me to “go with him”.  He took my hand and helped me sit comfortably against the trunk.  He looked me deep in the eyes and said.  “You give me hope.  You give me love.  You give me life.  Now, I am going to selfish and ask for more.  Will you give me your hand in marriage?  Will you stand beside me and say “I do” with me?”

I felt the tears fill up my eyes, and my throat began to tighten.  I knew I had to say something, and I had to do it quick.  I could see the panic starting to form on his face.  The “yes” came without hesitation. His lips once again pressed upon mine.

We heard a crunch in th leaves underneath us.

“Grandma? Grandpa? What are you doing in that tree?  You are 85 years old.  Dont you think you are a little to old to be acting so silly?”

I looked down into the eyes of my 35 years young granddaughter and stated very clearly “sweetie, You must never forget to go back to the beginning.  If you don’t remember how you got where you ended up, it’s not worth the journey.  Now, please go home so that I can continue making out with my husband!”  I watched as she huffed and puffed out of the clearing.  This was surely something we would have to hear about later. But for now, Where are those lips?

This was done for Picture it & Write:  You write a story based on the picture provided.

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21 thoughts on “never to late

  1. wow. I like the twist of it being the grandparents. Good job with the sensory words of the crunching leaves. Good job, Bo.

  2. Though they probably wouldn’t have climbed a tree, for 64 years of marriage my parents never walked anywhere together without holding hands. Some loves never grow old. A nice reminder of that.

  3. That was sweet. I want a love like that. 🙂

  4. Naw! This was so unbelievably cute. I hope to be in a relationship where I would do this, even after all the years. Such as great positive message. Thanks for contributing this week!

    – Ermisenda

  5. This was a real nice story … loved it !!!

  6. I really loved this story. Great job and imagery!

  7. Wham bam! Turned my world upside down in an instant! Loved it. Sweet and life affirming. Well done.

  8. debraaelliott1960 on said:

    So beautiful…love never ends does it?

  9. I love the sweetness and long love.

  10. Aww, this is so sweet. First as daring passion, then as budding romance and finally as tested relationship. I love it, Deana!

  11. Beautiful story. I liked the way you used the idea of “love is timeless”.

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