My truth. My life.

3 women in 1 part 2

I’m a mother, and sister and a daughter.

I am Three women in one.

I know how to use each part individually.

When I pull all of the parts together

I am complete.

As a mother, I love unconditionally.

I give every part of me to them.

As a sister I am extremely proud and exceedingly grateful.

As a daughter I have been blessed

beyond measure.

On to the weekend challenge. This week we’re again asking you to stand on the shoulders of another writer. But this time that other writer is you. Take one of your former Trifecta or Trifextra 33 word entries and build upon it with another 33 words. If you are new to the challenge you can use a Trifextra entry from one of the other community members, with their permission of course.


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24 thoughts on “3 women in 1 part 2

  1. beautiful and well written…part 2

  2. This very nicely builds on your previous entry and tells us what is important about those roles. Very well done!

  3. Nice build on the previous work! This definitely makes it all the more complete 😀

  4. Awww I love it. The additional 33 words completes it!

  5. This is lovely, deanabo. This enriches your previous entry. 🙂

  6. Lovely – well said and flows perfectly.

  7. This is beautiful. I love how the two parts flow together!

  8. Spectacularly chosen words to complete an already beautiful piece.

  9. I love how you expanded this piece. Nice job.

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