My truth. My life.

I know

I see that permanent smile spread across your face.

You think I don’t know the truth.

Our friendship is a farce to ease your guilt.

You beg for my attention.

You want to talk about anything, everything.

My man, your man, my man again.

The quiver is your voice is obvious.

When you think I’m not there your attentions turns.

I see your constant detestable behavior.

Yes, That’s what it is.

His pity on you is alarming.

Alarming and repulsive.

He uses you for his ego,

To make himself feel good.

The more your comments and gushing raise him up,

The more pathetic you seem to everyone else.

The only person you are fooling is yourself.

You listen to him speak of me, he loves me.

He tells you just enough of my bad to make you believe you are deserving.

You are a dirty secret that he hides out of shame and disgust.

I am the one that he shares with his world.

I am his past, his present, his future.

You are disposable.




This was based on an experience I had today at work.  A client and his mistress dropped off his dog for a bath.  They were all over each other at check in.  A few hours later that same guy and his wife picked up the dog.  They were all over each other.  Disgusting.


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23 thoughts on “I know

  1. I wish I had something better than, “EWWWW” to add, lol. Sorry you had to see that but thanks for sharing 😉 Congrats on your 100th post!

  2. This ismy favorite: “You are a dirty secret that he hides out of shame and disgust. ”

    amazing delivery, Bo

  3. Were you tempted to nark?

  4. Oh yuck! That’s one disgusting dude. Great story telling.

  5. Disposable … loved the theme !!!

  6. Wow… I’d be so tempted to mention the other woman, accidentally of course.

  7. Gah! I am such an idealist – I can’t believe there are people like that out there.

  8. How sad, but you did an excellent job of portraying the darkness well. Strong emotions always make for strong poetry 🙂

  9. I did not see that coming! Great execution.

  10. 2old2tap on said:

    Well written! “disposable”. Yes very very good.

  11. Powerful! I think I might have to sock that guy in the nose. I admire your restraint! 😀

  12. Wow. That is disgusting.

    Your writing, however, is not at all disgusting. “The only person you are fooling is yourself,” is so very true!

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