My truth. My life.

Bleeding heart

Forever the thought of you will linger inside of me.

The memory of your flawless kiss will be taken with me.

I can not continue beyond today

knowing that I will never feel your adoring hands roaming my skin again.

I will not continue knowing that I will never again feel your body against mine filling me with carnal delight.

As I lay here preparing to join you with my final breath

I feel the tranquil breeze overtake me.

My heart is bound with your love.

Your love removed, leaves my heart bleeding.

My life shattered with a broken heart.

Note: This was done for  #100words  The word is “Beyond”


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12 thoughts on “Bleeding heart

  1. gorgeous in a deep way. This was the kind of thing that takes your breath when you read it.

  2. It’s very Romeo and Juliet 🙂 such sad, emotional, heart wrenching language

  3. I thought Romeo and Juliet too. Broken-hearted tragedy.

  4. Wow … a great tragedy !!!

  5. Very relatable. Beautiful. We all need some carnal delight 😉

  6. Very poignant, and tenderhearted.

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