My truth. My life.

Innocence return

For many years I have waited.

Waited for you to return to me as you promised.

The more time that passes, you slip further away.

The anger and rage I feel from your betrayal is eating away at my insides.

I expected more from you.  I thought I knew your soul.

I can’t continue to exist in this way.  The lack of your breath suffocates me.

I can see you staring back at me from the mirror.

I know you are in there somewhere.

Innocence come back to me.



Note: This was a challenge for Picture it and Write
You have to write something on a picture that they post.

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22 thoughts on “Innocence return

  1. Glad you did this, because I would’ve thought this was amy lee of evanescence making sure her makeup was right for the video shoot.

    great flow and emotional impact, bo

  2. nice. i was thinking you were going with youth. maybe that’s just me projecting myself. 😉

  3. This is interesting post and I liked the song meme that you started. Can anybody else participate in it?

  4. You have worked on the picture really well … good words here !!!

  5. I love the dramatic and deep tone to this poem and it’s certainly something I can relate to. Great work!

  6. I really like this line: “The lack of your breath suffocates me” I had no idea she was yearning for innocence until the last line, yet when I read it again knowing this, it made perfect sense.

  7. That’s very good. I especially like the line about the lack of breath suffocating.

  8. Ooo, lovely! Very sinister and dramatic. I like how she’s trying to coax it back. I loved your perspective on this week’s picture. Thanks for contributing!

    – Ermisenda

  9. Nice job writing to the reflection.

  10. Nice twist at the end.

  11. Oh, I love that…. How true that can be… Well done.. 🙂

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