My truth. My life.

That winter night

Euphoria surrounded my every thought.

The memories of that winter night entranced me.

Ice covered the hanging limbs on the live oak tree out front.

The chill in the air encompassed my body so sweetly.

I had been waiting for what seems like forever

for that perfect moment of pure bliss.

Playing what was to be over and over in my head.

The elation in my imagination did not even compare to the moment of truth.

Walking in the door I could feel my heart pounding.

The smell of grandma’s cinnamon bread devoured my whole being.

I was finally home.


Note: This was written for  The word was :Cinnamon.


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18 thoughts on “That winter night

  1. Wow! Rich imagery – I can almost smell the cinnamon.

  2. The power of Grandma’s cinnamon buns. Ah.

  3. 🙂 Great build up for the walk into the kitchen. Beautiful choice of words. They flowed really well.

  4. oh, that scent of warm cinnamon in baking. Heavenly 🙂

  5. I like that the word prompt doesn’t take over your story. It is just one more memory from a winter night. Well done.

  6. Winter aromas can bring back so many childhood memories for me. I really liked this piece.

  7. debseeman on said:

    I can taste them. Yum! What a tasty memory.

  8. Aw! Smells so good.

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