My truth. My life.

Her time to shine

The last strains of sunlight lingered in the corners, grasping every available

point of refraction.  She slid her fingertips along the glass wondering if this

was all there ever was. Or could be.

The sound of the final bell rang and jerked her back into reality.

She grabbed her backpack, pushed through the doors and smiled.

Determined to never look back.

“Hello world, here I come”

Note: this was done for Trifecta Challenge:  We had to add 33 words to finish the first 33 words they gave us.


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31 thoughts on “Her time to shine

  1. Great use of the prompt! Relly like the way you joined your half to their lead in – sounds like a really good story brewing.

  2. A great, upbeat take on the prompt. Most of us went with sorrow, pain or worse! 😉 Nice job!

  3. I’m smiling remembering the ringing of the bell, and the release into the fresh air and the real world. Nice. And yes, I went dark on this too, so your “light” was like being released from school.
    It’s great how we all can see things differently.

  4. ahhhh graduation day – full of pomp and promise. Nicely done, Deana

  5. So hopeful and the story could go anywhere from here!

  6. I really enjoyed the positive take on the prompt. Very nice! It made me smile.

  7. How exciting for her, and bittersweet for the folks. I love the hope and excitement in this piece. 🙂

  8. unevenstevencu on said:

    liked your take on the prompt as well. good writing.

  9. Aww. Yours was so sweet and hopeful compared to my blackness. 🙂

  10. that is the best feeling in the world, when that final bell rings.

  11. I love this new beginning! And the prompt was definitely one that could go either way. You took the happy fork! 😀

  12. Can’t we all remember this and that feeling of freedom and possibility! Loved the ending…Here I come!

  13. I like your take on the prompt. It was a while ago, but I still remember the fear/hopeful feeling of being launched into the real world.

  14. Wonderfully written !!!

  15. I could see it – the glass, the stare, the smile. I love it when it’s that well written that I can actually visualize it!

  16. This is a great piece 😀 Yep, definitely happy compared to the rest of us 😀 hahahah 😀

  17. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

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