My truth. My life.

Stop Pushing

You want me to trust and believe in you.

When I turn to you, you turn to others.

My secrets were bled into you,

You never consider them in your actions.

They belittle you, You belittle me.

You are mocked and I suffer your pain.

I deserve more, I deserve truth.

I am the one who offers you protection.

The only one who gives myself to you in full.

How long will I continue to  allow you to devour my pride.

If I continue, I will suffocate.

I will do the unthinkable to bind us together.

I will push back.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Note:  This was done for Lance’s #100wordsong.  The song this week is Push by matchbox 20.

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8 thoughts on “Stop Pushing

  1. You are gifted! Lyrical and biting. Very nice.

  2. Very well written !!!

  3. I loved the turns on this!

  4. That was intense. The emotion in this piece “bled” through it. You had my full attention through every word. Well done!

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