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Well, Maybe Not

We have been waiting for this day for years.  Today was the day that my husband and I get to start our lives.  We were done.  No more car pools, football games, or homework.  Our kids were grown and safely tucked away on their own.

We loaded up the RV and started out. We were spending a few months “road tripping” our country.  The trees were just starting to change into a lovely mixture of red, orange and yellow.

I curled up to begin reading my husbands new novel when my phone rang.  “Mom, come home right away.  I’m pregnant!”


Note: this is written for #100word Challenge. The key word is : Road Trip


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12 thoughts on “Well, Maybe Not

  1. Oops… that will put a twist in your shorts. My hubs and I (well, I do) dream of getting our kids out of the house and Rving around the country. Maybe that’s a universal fantasy of parents of teens.

  2. this better be fiction…forever

    i loved your 100

  3. Ooohhh…I am so far away from that day I can’t see it, even in my imagination. What a way to ruin your golden years…

  4. This is great! hope it’s a fiction.

    Subhan Zein

  5. Hope “you” kept going! Plenty of time to be on the road and get back! /grin

  6. My mother warns me that you never stop being a parent. I, in turn, threaten my just barely adult children that I’m going to take three years off the grid, somewhere in a jungle.

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