My truth. My life.


I am trapped and suffocating

My chest tightens with every heart beat

This disgust is consuming me

My imagination is overwhelming

My emotions are conflicted

Any hope is eradicated

My future has been withdrawn


Writers note:  The other day I was working on a meme that I chose to do..  the day was “name a song that you know every word to”  The song I chose was Stay by Sugarland.  This has always been a song that I enjoy singing along to.  Last night it came on the radio.  I found myself thinking that although this song is about the mistress, The wife must be dying inside.  I have been there before so I know that she is. I wanted to share those feelings with you.


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4 thoughts on “Broken

  1. I like how muscular your word choices are. It conveys raw emotion so well.

  2. It really says something that out of all the words you could have chosen for the last line, you chose “withdrawn.” So much power in such a powerless situation. Well done.

  3. Such a feeling of loss, so overwhelming!

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