My truth. My life.

pure love

You have enthralled me since the day I met you.

I’m enchanted by how many ways you make my heart beat

Going back to the beginning I remember.

How I became captivated with your confidence.

Our eyes made a connection. We were drawn together with passion.

Our first kiss showed me a feeling like I have never imagined.

Your eyes held my breath, not allowing me to catch it.

I was hungry for your smile.

Your whisper in my ear weakens me.

I closed my eyes submerging myself in the moment.

I felt as though our souls were combining.

You were lighting every flame inside of me.

You are a desire that will last forever within me.


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5 thoughts on “pure love

  1. Beautiful words. He must be a lucky dude.

  2. Yes, I agree with Lance. Absolutely beautiful words. Congratulations on your publication!!!

  3. Like gentle rain your words water my Heart’s Garden

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