My truth. My life.

Closing my eyes

Closing my eyes is not an option.  If I do, I might miss it.

That final moment.  That final breath of goodbye.

My body is aching.  My head is spinning.

I am overwhelmed with hunger and thirst.

Leaving is not an option.  If I leave you might let go.

I will not leave your side.  I will hold your hand until the end.

I can feel your heartbeat when I lay my head on your chest.

I can feel your love.

I’m going to sit for a moment.  A minute of sweet rest.

Closing my eyes is not an option…..

Note: This is for #100 word.  The word is Lethargy


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6 thoughts on “Closing my eyes

  1. Damn. That was simply beautiful.

  2. misterlou on said:

    Very, very, nice piece. wonderful illumination of a very difficult (and exhausting) time. Well done.

  3. I love how you wrap it all up by repeating the first line.

    All too often we close our eyes and miss out on the one thing we think we need to see. Lovely piece.

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