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Day 1- My Favorite Song

I am beginnig a song Meme.  Every few days I will pick a song and tell you how I feel about it.  Day 1 is my favorite song.

This was really hard to pick.  I have so many songs that I absolutly love.  The song I have decided to choose is really special to me.

I have read that the song was written about a girl that the writer was infatuated with.  It means something different to me.

This song reminds me that no matter what troubles we face (my hubby and I) we can get through it if we just hold on to each other.

When I’m with him, or hes holding me I can  “just forget the world”.  I feel as though this song was written for us.

I hope you like……..


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2 thoughts on “Day 1- My Favorite Song

  1. I love this song too, but I have another interpretation. I think of it being about young, single mom choosing to keep her baby and this is her love song to her child. Get’s me every time.

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