My truth. My life.


Your arms are my ecstasy.  Your eyes are my inspiration.  Your lips are my euphoria.  Your hands are my stimulation.  Your touch is my bliss.

Your body is mine.

Is it possible that in whole, you are my epicurean.  This morning when I woke I still felt engulfed by your heat.  I still felt as though I was wrapped up in you.  I could still felt you pressed against me tightly.

The thought of our next experience together keeps me going.  Waiting.  Wanting.  Needing.  Aching.  Craving.

The memories of our last encounter keep me satisfied and captivated.

You abound me.

Note.  This was done for  #100words  The word to use was epicurean.


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13 thoughts on “You

  1. Lance on said:

    I like how you used the word. Your boyfriend is going to love this.

    Great job, honey.

  2. Wow…I love this…truly passionate and sooooooooooo sexy!
    Wonderfully done! Bravo.


  3. Deana, I love how you described the intimate romance…”Your touch is my bliss”….great line.

  4. Carrie on said:

    Woooooo, someone is doing his job in the bedroom…and in life I think to make this person so blissful. Very erotic without the overtly sexual words

  5. This was lovely, and like Carrie said, very sensual without overdoing it.

  6. “You abound me” – I do love that expression. Well done you.

  7. Love being wrapped in someones love. Great job!

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