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Hi ho, hi ho it’s back to work I go



Everyday I work with people.  Sometimes people are nice, Most of the time people are not nice.  About 16 yrs ago I took a job at a vet’s office.  I did this so that I would not have to work with people.  I was wrong.  It seems that since animals can’t talk, the people talk for them.

I usually start the day off by getting yelled at.  It’s usually because the client is running late, and I am having to make them talk to me and actually tell me why they are dropping their furry family member off at my place of business.  When you take your child to the Dr. do you just drop them off at the front door?  At least they can talk.

My favorite quote of the day is “I looked it up on the internet”.  DO NOT LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET.  I can assure you that I could look a cold up on the internet and have proof that I am dying tonight at 8pm.  A few weeks ago a woman told me her dog had Cholera.  It did not.

Another favorite is when people complain that we are not open for drop off or pick up on Sunday’s or major holidays.  It seems only fair that I should have to work on these days to make your days off more convenient for you.  Oh and, we have a closing time for a reason.  Dont get mad when you show up 1 hour passed closing and we are no longer there.

If im being honest let me just say, I love it when you lie to me.  When you are in a room with a Dr. and you ok giving the shots.  You then see the Dr give the shots.  Please, come to my desk and tell me that you never approved giving the shots.  It makes me giggle with joy.

I am adding a link to a blog I did last year regarding people as well.  I happen to think it’s really informative on how to act.

I said all of that to say this.  I have been off work for 4 days.  I was hoping it would help me relax so that I could look forward to going back tomorrow.  The only thing being off accomplished was making me want to stay home longer..

Thanks for reading my rant.




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6 thoughts on “Hi ho, hi ho it’s back to work I go

  1. They should make a WebMD for dogs so your sister can tell you the next time Buddy the golden retriever gets acold she can diagnose doggie ebola…

    hilarious but panfully so, Bobina

  2. I know the problem.There must be a perfect job where people are nice out there somewhere.

  3. I hear you! I work in retail and am astounded at the way people act sometimes. I’m sure the patients are easier to deal with than their humans!

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