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Day 8 of Deana’s Dumbness: Sweat

Um.. No thank you. I’d rather not.

unfortunately sweating is something I do a lot of.

Let me start from the beginning.  In early 2007 I developed severe pain in my lower stomach.  It was a constant sharp pain. I went to my Ob and had an ultrasound.  It turned out that my ovaries were covered in cysts.  The Dr. did a blood work up (which was normal) and sent me home with pain meds.  Several days later the pain was just as bad.  It was late in the evening and my Dr. was closed. I went to the Er and had more test run. I was told that I did have some cysts but that was not causing the pain.  I was told “Cyst’s on your ovaries do not hurt”.  The gave me something for the pain and sent me home.  The next day I went back to the Dr.  Once again, I was told “Cyst’s on your ovaries do not hurt”.  I was given more pain meds and sent home.  I stayed on pain meds for about 1 month with no relief.

Then one night, the pain was unbearable. I went back the Er for the 5th time in a month.  The Dr. gave me something for pain in the hospital and then sent me home with a different prescription to try.  The pharmacist asked me the next day why the Dr. had prescribed me “sugar pills”.  I was angry! I was not a drug junkie I just wanted to stop hurting.  I went to my Ob the next day and demanded to be helped.  He ordered a full body scan.  The found that I had gallstones.  They explained to me that this was what has been causing my pain.  I very nicely explained to them that I did not think that my gallbladder that is located in my upper side is causing me cramping like pain in my lower stomach area.  They disagreed.  They sent me directly to the hospital and removed my gallbladder.  I was told by the surgeon that I had the most infected gallbladder he had ever seen.  I was in bed for 2 weeks after the surgery on a lot of pain meds.

I know that you will be surprised to learn (as I was) that when I started tapering off of my pain meds the pain in my lower stomach came back worse than ever.  I called my Dr and he said that there was nothing wrong with me.  I still had some cysts but that would pass without causing me pain.  The next day I scheduled an immediate Dr. appointment with A new Dr. office.  He told me that he wanted to do an exploratory surgery and see what was going on.  Upon his exploration he found that my uterus, ovaries and every other involved organ had been taken over by endometriosis.  He did a partial hysterectomy removing my ovaries.  I had the most infected ovaries he had ever seen.  I chose to keep my uterus as long as possible so that I didn’t go through early menopause.

1 year later I doubled over in pain at work.  Out came everything else.  Dr. G told me that everything was so infected that if it had stayed in me much longer it would have killed me.  Yet all this time, my blood work was normal.

I chose not to take any hormone replacements.  So I sweat a lot….. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?


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6 thoughts on “Day 8 of Deana’s Dumbness: Sweat

  1. I’m freezing. Do we have to have the air and the fan on?

  2. When will doctors stop blowing off concerns women have about their own bodies, when they KNOW that something is wrong. There is no telling what could have been done if you had been properly treated at the very beginning of your symptoms.

  3. What an ordeal. Im SO with Tara on the “when will doctors stop blowing office concerns women have with their own bodies”, drives me insane.

    Im sorry you had to go through so much bullsh!t to finally get relief from the pain. Thank you for telling us about this, it’s good to know more about you 🙂

  4. I’m with you guys on this…even in the uk doctors can be pretty crappy!! My little sister was told she had a flu when her appendix popped!!! My older sister has been suffering for half a decade and no doctor, private or public, has found a reason…It’s ridiculous!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us(me) 🙂 Atleast you have a reason for sweating buckets- mine is just plain, old, crappy genetics 😉

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