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Love built through drama…

Why is it that love comes when you least expect it? 

Have you ever known true love? I have.  Several different times with Severel different people. Ok, no its not what you think…

The first time I fell in love was the day my Taylor was born.  She changed my life.

The second time I fell in love was the day my Carly was born.  She helps make my life worth living.

 The 4th time I fell in love (I will come back to the 3rd in a minute) was when I met my Lyla.  She is my choosen one. My gift.

I met my 3rd true love in May of 2008.  He was sexy cute, sweet, loving and surrounded by drama.  I never imagined I would find some that was such a drama magnet like me.  Was it worth it? I couldnt be happier. 

We met through a mutual friend’s myspace page.  On our first date (2 days later) we both declared to each other that we would NEVER get married again.   We had both been hurt to many times to count.  6 months later we were married.  Besides my mother and my In-laws we no longer speak to anyone that attended our ceremony.  Some of them we just lost touch, but the others are just horrible people. 

It seems like everywhere we turned there was drama.  People would do and say things that would cause us to argue.  but we were able to work through it.  Once we learned to put each other first things started to get better.  Its funny looking back at how fast the controlling “Crazy” people in our life started to drop out.  Now we listen to each other first.  We dont agree with everything the other one says, but we have learned to listen to each other.  Our marriage is stronger than its ever been.

Its amazing what love can do…


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2 thoughts on “Love built through drama…

  1. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog on said:

    love you too

  2. My husband and I met on a blind date, set up by our respective college roommates. We've been together over 25 years, and haven't spoken to those matchmakers in all that time. Drama… Congrats to you and Lance and the beautiful family you've both created.

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