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I know that I have written about this in the past, but as long as people continue to act ignorant I will continue to write about it.

I am going to walk you through my day…

The first person I checked in this morning walked in:  This is the conversation:

Me: Hi, what are you here for today?
Her: The works
Me: o.k. what are the works.

After a few minutes of her staring at me blankly and me trying to list all of our services she finally tells me her pets there for surgery.

A phone call:

Her: I would like to make an appointment
Me: o.k. whats your last name?
Her: My name is &&&&&&
Me: Can you spell that for me?
Her:  Yes, I can spell it.
Me: ( after a minute of stunned silence)  o.k. Will you spell it for me?

Next client: After checking in a drop off: the kennel staff comes up to take dog back.
us: Hi, Im &&& and I am going to take your pet back
Him: Do you know how to put a leash on a dog with out killing it.
Us: Yes
Him: I will show you. You dont have any experience with show dogs.

Driving home from lunch I turn onto my road.  There is a teenage boy walking directly down the middle of the road with his earphones in.  I drove very slowly behind him because he didnt move. When I was able to pass him, he looked at me with a dumb look on his face.

To quote a wonderful speaker Megan McGlover: “People DONT BE STUPID”


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2 thoughts on “STUPIDNESS

  1. 'can you spell it for me….' that made me snort. Stupid people are still really funny.

  2. this would be perfect for "here's your sign" stupid people definitely should have to wear signs so that you see them coming and can prepare yourself lol

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