My truth. My life.

To my husband….

Happy Fathers day to the greatest man I know…..

Im breathing in and out slowly
trying to match the rhythm of your heartbeat.
Feeling as if I can hear you soul talking
f I listen hard enough

I close my eyes
submersing myself in this moment.
I close off the rest of the world
Just to hear your breathing

Your fingertips touch my skin.
As they run along my back
You give me sweet chills on my arms.

As you kiss the surface of my skin
you hold me closer to see if my soul is talking back.

I slowly open my eyes
and pray that Im not dreaming.
But then I see your sweet brown eyes staring back
and I cant help but fall in love all over again.

You touch my face and smile
while I sink deeper into your arms.
You bring your lips close
and gently kiss me with passion.

I am frozen for the moment
and continue to melt with your love that consumes me.
Every instant seems like forever,
and every embrace is one to remember.

For you…..


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2 thoughts on “To my husband….

  1. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog on said:

    thank youI love youThanks for breakfeast in bed

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