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a funny conversation.

My Children amaze me everyday! Last night Carly was laying with me for a little snuggle time and we had a very interesting conversation.  Enjoy:


Mom: I love you most. I wish you could stay little forever…..

Carly: Mom, you do know that things change right?

Mom: What do you mean?

Carly: Kids grow up and become grown ups and get their own house.

Mom: I know. I am just enjoying you being little.

After a minute of quiet I noticed that she was crying:

Mom: whats wrong?

Carly: When I move out I will miss you.

Mom: Well you will still get to see me all of the time.

Carly: I will really just miss you, I dont wanna move.

Mom: Well we will deal with that in about 13 years. But you can live with me forever if you want.

Carly: If I live with you where will my kids sleep?

Mom: (after laughing really hard) We will have to get a bigger house.

Carly: We can get a really big bead and you, me and the kids can snuggle.

Carly: Mom, how many kids am I going to have?

Mom: As many as you want.

Carly: I dont want 6 babys in my belly at one time.

Mom: I dont think you have to worry about that.

Carly: Good night mom.

Mom: I love you most. I wish you could stay little forever…….



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2 thoughts on “a funny conversation.

  1. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog on said:

    Me, Tay, and Bug have decided Goose with a bunch of kids would be too much for us. The three of us will start a band and tour the world.You and Goose have a great time..sweet kid…she takes after me

  2. That is wonderful! I love that she wants to stay little too. Sounds though that you're going to need a REALLY big bed.

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