My truth. My life.

I struggle

I struggle. 
When I struggle, it hurts.
When it hurts, I turn it off. 
Turn off my emotions.
Depression is hard.
Perfectionism is harder.

When I struggle to be perfect, I turn in the opposite direction.
Try to lose weight, I gain.
Try to do my best at work, I get criticized.
Try to be a good mom, and a good wife…. I can only hope.
Try not to give up, I cant give up. 
Its not an option.
People depend on me. People believe in me.
People love me. I love them.

I struggle.
When I struggle, it hurts.

This is my 100 word entry for @velvetverbosity 100 word challange.


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11 thoughts on “I struggle

  1. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog on said:

    I love you because you try. Being imperfect is what makes you perfect to me.great job

  2. Wonderful entry. Sending love to you. Perfectionism is one of the most debilitating things in the world. ((hugs))

  3. I know these feelings quite well. Lovely expression of them.

  4. Wow…. I felt like you were speaking to me, and yet I could hear the uniqueness of your voice. Very nice, thank you.

  5. Why do we doubt and struggle so… a lot of us are our own worst enemy, great write.

  6. It is all that anyone can ever ask of another. Trying and failing our part of life. Well said.

  7. Beautifully written. I think you captured so well what so many of us feel.

  8. I usually skip the poems, but this one drew me in right away! Beautifully written and oh so true!

  9. I think this can easily relate to us all. In varying degrees these feeling abound.Great job!

  10. thank you for struggling through the pain. Great entry. Trusting life does not hurt so much this week.

  11. i get this one. thanks for being brave and hitting publish. *HUG*

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