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The things kids say

Let me start by saying that my children are amazing. They are smart and funny, not to mention beautiful.  But sometimes when they open their mouth, the make me laugh.  Its crazy some of the things that they come up with. 
Taylor: She and I have an odd relationship.  We bicker and pick on each other.  That the way we show that we love each other.  I say “I love you Tay” and she says “I know” I say “You look beautiful today” and she says “what do you expect”  Shes a teenager so thats as sweet as she gets.

Lyla is sarcastic.  She knows how to dish it. I was telling her something the other day and she stoped me.  She asked me if I wanted to look it up on the computer so I would know what I was talking about.  Its nice to know she has faith in my answers.  She loves to talk back to Taylor. Nothing makes her happier!

Carly is just Carly.  She trys to talk so grown up and serious and it comes out just plain cute.  She always tells me that she loves me most to get away with things.  She sleeps in my shirts at night and tonight she didnt want to.  She said “We are not going to wear your shirt to sleep tonight, but I love you the most. 

I just love to listen to them, especially when they dont know I am listening. I cant wait to hear what they say next…       



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One thought on “The things kids say

  1. those are your children…hahahaNow Tay has to do one

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