My truth. My life.


Here I was again.  Parked on the corner street in front of her gallery. The same place I have found myself almost everyday since I left her office weeks ago.  I waited patiently just to have a glimpse of her. I have had ample opportunity to walk in there, confront her and tell her the truth.  My truth. She was mine. My past, My future, My heart and My life. She was my daughter.

The sound of rain was interrupted by a knock. Startled into reality from another daydream, I turned.
“Mam, Why are you following me?” “Who are you?”

This is my 100 word entry for  the word this week is Ample.


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7 thoughts on “caught…

  1. I love how you kept the story going. Tha last line is awesomely suspensful!

  2. Busted! I jumped too. Well done!

  3. Surveillance gone awry!Nice entry!

  4. I'm loving this story…hope we get to hear more!

  5. Is this a book that you are writing? If it is not, you should roll with it. These are wonderful.

  6. I love that you all are enjoying this. This series is part of a book I am writing and yall are really encouraging me!Thanks!

  7. "She was mine. My past, My future, My heart and My life. She was my daughter."This is exactly how I feel about my daughters – and now that they have daughters the love is extending onward. (side note – I really hate being made to feel older – than I think I am – when youngers call me ma'am. sigh) 🙂

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