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Living with someone who lives with anxiety

Anxiety is a disease that shows itself in many ways.  My best friend growin up had “Anxiety Attacks” she would get really nervous about things and loose her breath.  Occasionally this would happen at school. When it did, everyone would close in on her to make sure she was ok. This would make it worse.  By gathering around her they would block some of her air supply. Its really hard to breath without air. 

My husband has Anxiety.  When he has attacks it is completly different.  If he is on his medicine, everything is normal.  We have our arguments, we have our laughs, we are normal..  But if he dosent take his medicine, his withdrawels are hard. They are hard on everybody.  He becomes like a different person. Nothing I can do is right.  Yesterday was a BAD day… He was sick and he had been out of his meds for a week. The Dr.’s office lost his call in for refills, and they took forever to get it done.  He becomes very emotional, argumentative, and cynical at the same time.  


My husband is a GREAT man, father and husband.  He would do anything for anybody.  My wish is for everyone that has this illness to try to put themselves in the shoes of their loved ones. It hurts me to see him go through this.  I am a true believer that medicine is a good thing. It helps him to not blow up at the little things. It helps him to be understanding.  It helps him to cope..

I will always stand by him. And I am thankful that he takes his Anxiety seriously. He is very open and honest about this.. If you know anybody going through this or think you may be and want to talk to somebody just ask… his blog is

Going through something like this is just as hard for the people who love you. 


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4 thoughts on “Living with someone who lives with anxiety

  1. He's incredibly blessed. As someone living with bipolar disorder, I can only hope I will also find someone who'll stay through the ups and downs. I'm starting to realize how rare that is.All my best to you both.

  2. My son was diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder when he was around 12 (he's almost 18). It breaks my heart when he's going through a bad episode. It took a while to find the right combo of meds, but he is doing well now. I totally understand what Lance and your family are going through. It's encouraging to me that he found someone so understanding and supportive.

  3. yeah, what Tarr ruh says.Thanks for being my rock during stormy times. I love you.

  4. Love you to sweetie. It is hard, but we make it. It hurts me to see people who refuse the medicine. it really helps.

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