My truth. My life.

the moment I knew…

It was mid afternoon as I entered her office.  I had finally worked up the courage to meet with her. The one who perfectly captured my missing daughters face.  The art she displayed was breathtaking, proving that she had a true rare talent. A talent very similar to my own mother.  “I hear you are interested in one of my pieces?”  I turned to see who had spoken.  I wasnt prepared for this. When I looked into her eyes, I felt as though I was staring into a mirror. I turned and walked out, frightened as to what this meant.

*Bloggers note: This is my 100 words for  The word is Frightened. 


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11 thoughts on “the moment I knew…

  1. The last two lines make you want to read another 1000 words. I like how you led me to cliff and made me hang on. Good job, baby.

  2. Oh wow! What a great follow up. Now I'm all excited about what you'll do with next week's prompt.

  3. Wonderful follow up on your last piece, you're really pulling the reader into the story. Definitely want to read more.

  4. This is a great continuation from last week! Like the others, I will be watching to see where this goes next week.

  5. Its already been stated, but great follow-up! And I, too, am looking forward to see what happens next with next week's prompt.

  6. Awaiting next week's prompt with bated breath!

  7. Amazing…can't wait to

  8. oooh… Can't wait to read more!

  9. Reading the comments, I just had to go back and read your earlier submission (and a few of your other posts!). I'm impressed! I have a hard enough time encapsulating one idea, let along linking prompts in a coherent line. Good job! I, too, will be looking forward to the next one.

  10. Thanks to everyone for the great comments! They really mean alot!

  11. Now this is getting good!

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