My truth. My life.

The endless obsession….


It had been almost 20 years since that awful day that she would never forget.  The fliers, the endless searches, the milk cartons, nothing seemed to help her.

“Eileen, come on.  I want you to see this piece.” The annual art show was was one of her favorite outings. Something she looked forward to. All of the proceeds of the show went to the children shelter she volunteered at. 

“Eileen? What’s your obsession with that piece?”

It took me a while to gather up the words, the strength to talk.  “That girl in this painting.  Thats her. Emily.  My daughter…..”

*This is my 100 words entry for  .  The word is obsession.


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11 thoughts on “The endless obsession….

  1. Whoa! Losing a child is so heart-wrenching. Good capture on that emotion.

  2. Wow…that's incredibly emotional

  3. I like how you stacked the emotion, like building blocks, then POW in the last 20 or so words. Amaizng emotion, I'm so proud, Bo.

  4. Thanks everyone!

  5. So much emotion. Such a sad, tragic story.

  6. Fantastic! Great, great job!

  7. Very moving. It grips you hard. It made me a little teary thinking of my own daughter.

  8. Heartbreaking. Good job.

  9. Twenty years? That's heartbreaking. I want to know what happened next. Good job.

  10. Can't. even. imagine. This piece would be interesting to expand on — if you were so inclined, that is. 🙂

  11. Velvet Verbosity… This is actually from the book I am writing…

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