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Learning the language…


As I was standing there looking at the audience I could feel my knees getting weaker, and my palms getting wetter. The people standing beside me, my equals, had worked just as hard as I had to get here.  Only 4 short years ago, I had traveled here with my family from Vietnam.  Learning this beautiful language was one of the hardest most fulfilling accomplishments of my life.  And now, I was proving to myself that I had made it.  The school I was attending held its annual spelling bee.  Now, it was my turn.

Mam, your word is ENGAGES……

Bloggers note:  This is dedicated to my beautiful step mother.  This is my 100 word entry for


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5 thoughts on “Learning the language…

  1. Lan will be so proud of for writing this. Baby, you used the prompt in a way I would have thought. Well done.

  2. ooh – yes, ESL and spelling bees. I imagine that would be difficult. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very cool. Well written – and well done.

  4. This entry made me smile. Such a good job of conveying that feeling of accomplishment.

  5. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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