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And there goes my baby…..

Wow… My heart just broke into a million pieces.  Carly, my 6 year old, just broke me.  Everyone always teases me that she is my favorite.  They say that I give her everything and use all of my attention on her.  That couldnt be further from the truth.  I love each of my children equally.  I treat all of my children the same.  What the older ones don’t realize is that I baby them as much as they will let me.  I would give anything for one more cuddly hug with Taylor my 15 year old. One more “mommy, your the best” just because she means it, not because she wants something.  Lyla sometime will climb up in my lap and hug me, but most of the time she want to act like she’s grown.  Almost like, “I will love on you, but dont let anyone see.”  Carly, however, is my baby..


Well, apparantly she has decided that it would be ok to grow up.  This is not ok.  She can read now, and she seems to be developing this attitude of “I love you, but I want to do my own thing”.  I told her the other day that I wanted her to stay this age forever.  She very quickly replied that it would not be a good thing if she did because when I die, there will be no one to take care of her.  What she did and said tonight, was the breaking point for me.  I asked her to pick up something and throw it away.  She said to me in return..” I do everything for you and you do nothing for me”  GASP……..

When did this foolishness happen.  I got very upset and very loudly explained to her what exactly I do for her.  She then proceeded to tell me everything she thinks she does for me.  She plays with me, she cuddles with me, she gives me hugs and kisses all of the time… she listed these things like she did them out of pity for me.  I yelled some more… Taylor came out of her room, smiled and said “did you really just yell at Carly, you just made my whole week”  She acts like I never get on to Carly.  I have a feeling that I am going to be making Taylor really happy in the future.  Carly seems to be developing quite the attitude. 

What am I going to do when I dont have a baby to baby anymore?  If you listen real closely, you will here the crumble sound of my heart….

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4 thoughts on “And there goes my baby…..

  1. "you just made my whole weeK" I agree with our oldest. She's growing up, Bo. At least she's still the most affectionate one.

  2. I love how she listed that she plays with you! You're such a demanding mommy!Why do they grow up so fast?!? Who said that was ok?

  3. Awww…my "baby" turned 18 in November, and yet I can STILL relate to this!

  4. "I do everything for you."BWHAHAHAHA. Just remember this moment. Print out this post and stick it somewhere safe. 20 years from now, when she is telling you how impossible her baby is being, pull it out and read it to her.

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