My truth. My life.

But she said…..

As I sat across from my son’s kindergarten teacher, I felt myself growing anxious.  What could he have done to warrant this meeting?

“Mam, we had an incident today that we need to discuss with you.  James told me that he had a crush on his friend Kelly, and asked how he should handle it.  I told him to treat her like a gentleman, show respect and honor.  He ran outside and jumped on top of her knocking her down.”

“James, What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Mom, I did just what she said and jumped ~on her~!”

This is my 100word entry for .  This weeks word is honor.


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8 thoughts on “But she said…..

  1. sweet and hilarious!

  2. cute – and made hubby-moose laugh loudly. Grandpas do that – when mamas have to teach their kiddos why it was wrong. 🙂

  3. Bwahaha! Did not see that coming.

  4. That is LOVELY. Well done.

  5. Doh! With my thick Southern drawl rattling off the words in my head as I read, I didn't pronounce it "ahner." I pronounced it "owner," so it took me a read-through or two or three! Thanks. Funny!

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