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Tattoos Anonymous

I think I might have an addiction.  This isnt something that therapy can help me with, not something that rehab can help with.  Its just something that has to be, something that I have to learn to live with.

Hello, My name is Deana and I am addicted to tattoos.

I got my first tattoo in October of 2008.  I was scared out of my mind. I hate, hate, and hate pain.  Lance reassured me that it would not hurt.  I told him that he was crazy.  I choose to get the chinese symbol for love on my right thigh.  I remember sitting in the chair, squeezing his hand and almost crying. Then the tattoo artist started. About 10 seconds after he started, I let go of Lance’s hand and said “is that all?, That dosen’t hurt.”  I knew at that time I had to have another one.


It took me awhile to decide what I wanted the next one to be.  I looked, and looked. Then one day I went to the tattoo shop with Lance.  I saw a beautiful butterfly that the artist had drawn. Thats what I wanted.  This one was placed between my shoulder blades. It had the initals of my three daughters on it.  I knew I had to have another one. 


I knew what I wanted.  I knew I couldn’t afford it.  It had alot of detail.  I carried the picture around with me for over a year.  It was three flowers.  Two of the flowers are the same, with one bigger than the other.  They represent Taylor and Lyla.  They are alot alike.  The smallest flower represents Carly.  She is nothing like the other two.  The largest flower had Taylors favorite color purple around the outline.  The middle flower had Lylas favorite color blue shaded in, and the smallest flower has Carlys favorite color gold in the center.  I went to that tattoo shop that night expecting to just get something pretty and small. I showed the picture of my flowers to the artist and he said he would do it for less than half of what everyone else had quoted me.  As you can imagine, I was thrilled!  It was placed on my left shoulder.


I am already planning my next. Any ideas of what it should be?
Hello, My name is Deana and I am addicted to tattoos.


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3 thoughts on “Tattoos Anonymous

  1. I have one small Celtic love knot on my shoulder. Each color and each part of the knot represents someone or something in my life. I got it over 10 years ago. I now want to add to it. I've had my favorite quote: 'what does not kill me, makes me stronger' translated into Gaelic and want it to encircle the knot. I just need to save up $$ to get it done.

  2. I love the celtic love knot! I just cant seem to stop getting them. They have to have meaning though..

  3. Yours are all beautiful! I have 3, a butterfly, a mickey mouse and a secret one…its secret because only Thomas and I share it…LOL I am getting a third soon! Probably in May in Miami. I will tweet you a pic of what I want!

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