My truth. My life.

Invincible, Just maybe…

A cough, it started with a cough…

Call 1:  “Mom, calm down,whats wrong”
            “They found a brain tumor”
            “How did a chest xray turn into a head tumor”
            “just get here”

Call 2: “This is Aprils sister”
           “I’m sorry, she rushed out, If you need any…

Call 3: I think I called work, maybe…

Walking into that room, I’ll never forget.

“Hey, Hun… Everything will be fine…” He smiled to reassure me.

I spoke to the nurse.  She said my dad, the invincible, had stage 4 lung cancer and a brain tumor.

He had 6 months…

*Bloggers note: This is my contribution to @velvetverbosity ‘s 100 word challenge at . This weeks word is invincible.  I also wanted everyone to know that my dad is a survivor. Its been 7 years and he is still going strong.


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9 thoughts on “Invincible, Just maybe…

  1. Tough for me to comment this one. The emotions are so raw and real. How you built the tension until you heard the news makes me shaken. Awesome, Bo.

  2. tough indeed – thank you for sharing.

  3. What an emotional roller-coaster! I'm glad you included the epilog and that your dad is still fighting the good fight.

  4. OH wow…very emotional…btdt…very well told.

  5. My hair is standing up on my arms.

  6. This is really good, Bo!!! You are a great blogger!

  7. Wow! This gave me goose bumps. I love the tale of survival.

  8. So sorry as I'm guessing this is autobiographical. My parents are still in good health, but I can't even handle the suggestion that they'll ever get sick. I'm glad to hear he's a survivor!

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