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The Music Snob

If you know my husband you would know that he calls himself a music snob.  That is a fitting name for him.  Keep in mind that being a music snob does not actually make you smart when it comes to music.  Some of the music he listens to just isnt good.  Not to me anyway.  Thats the point of this blog.  Every song that you hear on the radio is a great song, to somebody. 

When I was young my mother was a country music fan.  I would have given anything to listen to anything besides Conway Twitty’s “hello darlin”.  I started listening to bands like Poison and Bon Jovi.  My mom used to tell me that their music was just a bunch of noise.  Maybe it was, but with some of their songs comes memories. 

Their are many things that go into making a good song. The Lyrics, the notes, the artists preforming. The most important quality that makes a good song is the memory it gives to someone.  Trisha Yearwood said it best with “The song remembers when”.

As an adult, I am a fan of many genres of music.  When I am in the car, or alone I turn on the radio really loud and sing along to most of the songs. Country music is probably one of my favorites.  When I hear the classic country like Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton,George Jones, and Johnny Cash I smile because it takes me back to when I was a child. My mom and I dancing around the living room and having a great time. (I still do not like Conway)                                           


People laugh today when I tell them that I am still a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan.  I can still remember the first time I heard them.  The first time I saw their video on t.v was the day after I found out that my parents were divorcing.  Instead of moping around, I focused on the New Kids.  Listening to their music and concentrating on them, helped me through one of the hardest parts of my life.  They helped me through moving from Lilburn to Buford the summer before my 7th grade year, and starting a new school where I didnt know anyone.  So yes, I am still a New Kids fan.

I am just as guilty of making fun of people for liking certain music. My 14 year old LOVES Taylor Swift. I dont get it.  All of her songs sound exactly the same.  Her voice is whiny and she does not have very good stage presence. Yet, Tay still loves her.  So, I humor her and let her listen to her in the car and hang the posters up on the wall.  I know that one day she hear a Taylor Swift song and look back on a fond memory.

My niece Isabella LOVES Justin Bieber.  Ok. thats just wrong.  No good memories can come from that one.

I would love to hear a song that has a memory from you!


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2 thoughts on “The Music Snob

  1. Well I am also the HUGH New Kids On The Block fan and I get made fun of too. Oh well I love them and that is all that matters. I've found that I still love the 80's music but Elvis and Barry Manillow remind me of my childhood years. My mom loving Elvis and my sister loving Barry Manillow. I also like alot of the teenage music, I like Justin Bieber and I like that Makayla loves him too LOL he seems to be her NKOTB and I want her to enjoy that. When I was her age my mom could never relate to my music and never tried and I never got to go to concerts and I'm trying to change that with my daughter. Thanks to taking her to a show I've become a Hot Chelle Rae fan, they can be heard on the radio with the song Bleed.I hope in 20-30 years she can look back at Bieber and see those memories.

  2. If you are going to take a shot at me and my superior musical taste, the least you could do is have a picture of me. Punk rock forever! Love you

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