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The behavior poll

Growing up I was always told “Treat others as you want to be treated”.  Now that I have kids of my own, I try and teach them that same rule.  When I go out, whether it be to the grocery store or to visit friends, my kids are very well behaved. Now, please understand. My kids arent perfect, they act out. But they understand that when we are outside of the home, there is a way to behave.  They have learned this from 2 different ways. 1) From my words and 2) From my actions.  When they are out with me, they see me act like an adult and treat everyone I encounter with respect. 

Unfortunatly, not everyone believes that good behavior is important.  I’m not sure when it happened. Was there a new law passed, did the social etiquette that I was taught growing up get laughed out of exsistance? It seems that now, the proper way to act is as follows:

If you want something for free, bully the person or business you want it from.  In fact, I will walk you through the steps.  Walk into the business of your choice.  Tell the first customer service reps that you see that their policies do not matter to you because you know everything about their line of business.  Next, spend 30 minutes talking to them going over products and services you will receive.  After you receive those products and services, tell them in a very rude, hateful, loud voice that you will NOT pay for those services or products because you did not ok them. Next, tell them that their prices are extremly high and you are made of money. Last but not least, when the owner or supervisor come over to assist you, then smile and act like you are hurt that anyone would think you are being unreasonable. You would never act out like that.

Of course the above paragraph was entirely sarcasam, but people really do act this way. I saw a cashier get yelled at the other day because the guy buying cigarettes was upset that the price went up 10 cents. He yelled at her very loudly. This behavior confuses me.  It can’t possibly make them feel better to make someone else feel aweful.  What does it accomplish? 

Please comment and let me know how you feel about this subject. I would love to have people from both sides answer so that I can have a better understanding.


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2 thoughts on “The behavior poll

  1. The coupon nazis really make me crazy. I understand times are tough, but freaking out because you can't use your expired coupon for 10 cents off a can of tuna is just ignorant.You are too nice, that's why I let you marry me.

  2. I, too, was taught to treat others as I would prefer to be treated. Frankly, I'd rather be loved than hated, so it works out for me. Some other people? Not so much.

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