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going home

She was surrounded by an antagonistic energy as she continued down secluded dirt road. It had been twenty years since she last set foot into the abandoned old cabin that she grew up in. Cayla knew that the moment she arrived, the memories she had worked so hard to erase would come flooding back.  Standing there, looking at the home she once loved, she took a breath, closed her eyes and ascended the stairs. At that moment she felt a hand gently slip into hers.Thats when she knew that the spirit of her sister would always be her protecter.

*Bloggers note: This is my first entry for @velvetverbosity ‘s 100 word challenge located at


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4 thoughts on “going home

  1. Good grief this is good. I like how you build the emotion until the "spirit" makes her presence. Excellent Bobina.

  2. Nicely done! I could feel the apprehension as she walked up the stairs.

  3. Excellent! The reader can really feel her emotions through the short piece.

  4. As I said on Twitter, welcome to the 100 Word Nerd army! You've captured the "spirit" of 100 words quite nicely here.

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