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Thorn, Roses and Rosebuds

Its New Years Eve 2010 at about 9:18pm.  I am lounging in the livingroom with my 6 year old, and my husband.  My oldest daughter is in my bedroom watching tv and my 7 year old is spending the night with her other family.  It is a peaceful night.  I have almost a relieved relaxed feeling, but I’m not sure if its because I am ready to begin the new year, or because I actually have a day off tomorrow.

My husband has been blogging for awhile now, and I have just just started. I was always nervous about starting.  I have so many ideas, but the thought of putting them down on paper (or computer) for the world to see terrifies me. One of the ways he has helped me get started is by introducing me to some of his fellow bloggers. One of them, Jana (, has come up with a brilliant idea for a blog.  Its called thorn, roses and rosebuds for 2010. So, here is my contribution:

Thorn: The loss of my grandmother had to be the sharpest thorn of them all.  Although we got to say our goodbyes, I cant help but feel that there is so much more I wanted to say. More time I wanted to spend.  I love you Grandmother, and miss you greatly.

Roses: It is going to be very hard for me to only pick 2. So I am going to try to stuff it all together.
1) My family: Lance, Taylor, Lyla and Carly.  They make each day special in so many ways.  Whether its a hug, an I love you, or even a eye roll.  We all have a special bond that can’t be broken.We have done so many fun things together this year. We went on vacation to the beach, watched Lance complete the peachtree road race, etc… We are the family I have always dreamed that I would have.
2) My family and friends: My parents, My Sister, My Neice.  I am thankful for each of them.  They are all amazing people. Mimi and Poppy have been there for me in so many ways, and I Love You.  My relationship with my dad has really blossomed this past year.  He has married a terrific woman who makes him happy. Dad and Lan, I Love You.  April, you are stronger than you know.  I love spending time with you. You always make me smile.  Isabella, I couldnt imagine life without you.  Even though you are my neice, you are an extension of my children.  I love you! I have a few friends who have been amazing this year, I am thankful that you all are in my life.  A special thanks to Beth for putting up with me almost everyday.  You have listened to me complain, and listened to me brag about my girls. Thank you for being there when I needed a friend. (oh, and burritos are good for breakfast.)

1) I look forward to decorating my home and working in the yard.  I want to grow a garden of veggies and herbs.
2) I want to spend more time just playing with my girls. Just having fun and laughing.
3) I want to be a better wife. I want to continue to make him happy and show him that he is my past, present and future. I want to love him like he deserves.



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2 thoughts on “Thorn, Roses and Rosebuds

  1. I love it! So glad you joined in! It's a fun thing to do with the kids at night, too. Helps us keep in touch with what's going on in Henry's daily life! Here's to a fabulous 2011 (and that garden you want)!

  2. so good Bobina. I like the straight forward honest style you used. I am so in love with you.

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